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-Warning: upon cutscene at statue "center of town" That is the end of demo. This game is just currently up for feedback based on the current story.-
This is a HD remake of the original rpg i made named Meeko. Currently the story is based on a kid named Meeko who then runs into his nemesis Shomishi. After successfully saving a kids mother, Meeko is sent to the Unnamed land, to meet Lofi. Lofi is the previous Hero long long time ago. Upon Meeko meeting Lofi, Lofi asks for a crystal to being her back to life. In return Lofi will then help Meeko in his adventures. Story Continues in demo version, but the story may change. This is just a rough sketch of an idea. Dont expect a 10 hour long demo, this demo will be around 5-10minutes long. FeedBack will be of much use, thank you!
Updated : 8/27/16
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